UI Kits for Web Developers

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    Clean, organized HTML5 & CSS3 built with Sass. 
    You can quickly extract the elements you need and incorporate them into your existing design — saving you hours of work.

    Pixel perfect design without images.
    Built entirely with CSS, this UI is faster to load and easier to maintain than conventional, sprite-based UIs. It also looks crisp on high-dpi/Retina displays.

    Thoroughly tested.
    IE 8, Firefox 4, Chrome 14, Safari 5, Opera 10 & newer.
    All form controls are fully functional without JavaScript.

    Implementation as easy as copy/paste.
    Unlimited websites & applications
    All updates are free.

    Includes a wide range of UI elements:
    Buttons (incl. color variations), button groups, button dropdowns, text inputs, search inputs, inline validation, dropdown lists (selects), checkboxes, radio buttons, toggle switches, tooltips, pagination, tables, headings, breadcrumbs, alert messages and progress bars.

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