The Kamarel – Responsive Admin Theme

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    The Kamarel v. 1.3The Kamarel v. 1.3The Kamarel v. 1.2The Kamarel v. 1.1


    Any new improvements which you’ll like to see in next build are welcome, please let us know what you want to be added.


    - Responsive design, supporting most of mobile devices

    - Font Awesome

    - Integrated charts (using jQuery flot, sparklines and JustGage)

    - Dynamic tables (using Tablesorter)

    - Growl style notifications (using jGrowl)

    - Datepicker and Colorpicker for bootstrap

    - Calendar (using Fullcalendar)

    - Form wizard (using formToWizard)

    - Validated HTML5

    - Extended accordion

    - Sliders, Toggler

    - WYSIWYG editor (using WYSIHTML5)

    - Form validation (using parsley.js)

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