jQuery Username Availability check.

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    This is very useful stuff, this is the best way to implement it and the only thing you have to modify just some database connection parameters.

    Step1: Modifiy dbconnection.php

    Change MySQL connection parameters in dbconnection.php

    Step2: cofigure check.php

    Change table name and column name in SQL query.

    The username '.$username.' is already in use.';
    echo 'OK';

    Step 3. Add JQuery framework on your page

    First, you have to download the jQuery plugin and add a link to the framework within the tag  of the page:

    Step 4. Registration.php Code

    HTML code for this example is very simple:


    Update Screen Name 

    settings.js : enables jQuery functionalities 
    javascript code enables the jQuery functionalities.

    var twitter=function()
    var rtn={updateUrl:function(value){$("#username_url").html(value)},
    jQuery("#user_screen_name").keyup(function(event){var screen_name=jQuery("#user_screen_name");
    },return rtn}();

    Copy jquery.js and settings.js in js folder

    Registration.php Final code



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