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    Give them such a chance, by setting up a site for taxi company with a build-in booking form, for quick car reservation. To get a ride in just several minutes they need to push a button on your site that will be based on a Free HTML5 Theme for Taxi Company.

    What’s important for the owners of taxi cab companies? The key point of their business promotion is a well-done web presence that highlights their business. It should give explicit “About” story of the company, showcase the cabs people can choose from, tell about possible services and, of course, offer an online booking. I assure you that choosing this freebie, your site will gain all the mentioned above characteristics. Have a look at its front page.

    Home Car

    “Ride With Me” Design

    The theme is created in canary yellow, the color associated with cabs. Paired with light and dark grey, it works for better visual presentation. It creates a solid look that answers main ideas of a serious business. Inviting clients to a website like this, you can make them believe in the reliability of your company and its services.

    Large yellow block in the center shows contact info and welcomes visitors to dial the number.Featured boxes above announce the main services. The viewers can choose a desired car from 3 categories presented as blocks with images featuring nice hover effect. To see the whole car fleet, check out the Gallery pageBooking form in the main part of the theme offers to fill in several lines and get a taxi whenever the client needs. To facilitate the navigation around the site, its design implements back-to-top button.

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