Easy Comment With Ajax and Php

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    EasyComment has the following features:

    1. Multiple comments in one page.You can easily add comment to different section within the same page.
    2. Multi-level reply allowed
    3. Comment moderating options:

    - No moderate: This is the default option

    - Waiting for approval: Other visitors will not see this comment until it is approved

    - Trash

    - Spam: Blacklist visitor's IP address

    - Approved

    5. Easy use comment dashboard to spam, trash or approve a new comment

    6. Dynamic reply level control: control how deep the reply can go for individual comment.

    7. Support special element:

    [link]your-url[/link] for element

    [img]image-url[/img] for

    [b]your-text[/b] for

    [u]your-text[/u] for

    [i]your-text[/i] for

    [strike]your-text[/strike] for

    [quote]your-text[/quote] for

    8. No database support required: Comments are managed using XML file format.

    9. Tested in IE9, Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome 11, Opera 10+, Safari 5.04 .

    How to setup/use EasyComment?

    Suppose your domain is http://www.your-domain.com/, and EasyComment will be installed right under the root directory.

    1. Login to your web server and create a folder under your domain directory called easy-comment
    2. Download the source code from here and upload the following files to easy-comment:

    - jquery.easy-comment.min.js

    - ec-comment.php

    - ec-moderator.php

    - ec-dashboard.html

    - comment.png

    - ec-close.png

    3. Within

    section of your web page, add the following two lines:


    4. Within your web page, add

    element to the right place as a comment container. For example:

    For comment container, you should always give an ID attribute so that you can seperate it from others when you are in the dashboard.

    5. To use EasyComment, you will have to enable it within jQuery.ready() function.

    Or specify the EasyComment path explicitly if you are not install EasyComment under root directoy

    7. Below is a functional template file.

        EasyComment Sample


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