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    First, we have to define a canvas element in our html document:

            Your web-browser does not support the HTML 5 canvas element.

    Then all we have to do is include awesomechart.js in our document's header, create a new AwesomeChart object and pass our data to it:


    The code above will produce the following result:

    But, what if we want to change the chart type to a doughnut chart? It's really easy, we just have to set the chart's type to 'doughnut' before calling draw():

     mychart.chartType = 'doughnut';

    This is the result:

    Or we could create a Pareto chart (chartType='pareto'):

    The 'chartType' property controls which type of chart will be rendered:

    Chart type chartType property value
    Horizontal bar chart default
    Vertical bar chart horizontal bars
    Pareto chart pareto
    Pie chart pie
    Exploded chart exploded pie
    Doughnut chart doughnut


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