Charisma responsive, multiple skin admin template

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    I have created Charisma to ease the repeat work I have to do on my projects. Now I re-use Charisma as a base or a package for my admin panel or backend work and I am sharing it with you . Its  for personal and commercial use and you can use it in multiple sites.

    It is featured with many plugins and UI elements to ease your work. It works on all major browsers and optimizes itself for tablets and mobile phones. Above all its 100%  and open source. It is licensed under Apache License v2.0, respective licenses apply to all resources used. Issues and pull requests on GitHub are always welcome.


    9 different themes

    Fully responsive, optimized UI for tablets and mobile phones, see how it looks on different devices.

    Based on Bootstrap 3.

    Grandmother friendly, works on IE9+.

    Commented code.

    Custom product tour,

    Grid system,

    Charts, including, pie, stack, flot, realtime etc.

    Data tables.

    Widget boxes, collapsible, sortable, closable

    Photo gallery

    Ajaxified menus.

    Full calendar, monthly weekly, daily, with todo list.

    Custom error page.

    Auto active link detection and much more.

    UI Elements

    Custom Tooltip


    Star Rating

    Toggle Switch

    Tag Boxes

    Multiple File Upload

    Dialog Box

    Auto Growing Textarea

    Ajax Loaders

    Progress Bars


    Pop Notifications


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