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    or the ones who didnt see path, the menu consists of a main button on the left bottom of the screen. When the user clicks on this button, a number of buttons are popped out of this button. I have resembled this structure to a planet and satellites and thats why I gave the name of this project.

    The menu uses built-in animations of Android platform.

    Works in API Level 7 (2.1) and above.

    Licenced with LGPL.


    Add the component definition to your view xml as in the following example:


    The attributes are:

    • satelliteDistance The distance of items from the center button
    • totalSpacingDegree The degree between the first and the last item.
    • closeOnClick Defines if the menu shall collapse after clicking on a menu item.
    • expandDuration The duration of expand and collapse operations in milliseconds.

    After defining the view in XML, some menu items can be added from code:

    SatelliteMenu menu = (SatelliteMenu) findViewById(;
    List items = new ArrayList();
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(4, R.drawable.ic_1));
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(4, R.drawable.ic_3));
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(4, R.drawable.ic_4));
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(3, R.drawable.ic_5));
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(2, R.drawable.ic_6));
    items.add(new SatelliteMenuItem(1, R.drawable.ic_2));

    Each menu item takes the ID of the item and the drawable resource for the item.

    In order to listen clicks on items:

    menu.setOnItemClickedListener(new SateliteClickedListener() {
      public void eventOccured(int id) {
        Log.i("sat", "Clicked on " + id);

    The click event gives the ID of the item which was defined when adding it.

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